Custom Pistons

Custom piston manufacturing is, and always will remain, the primary function at ARIAS. We have the technical know-how, flexibility, resources and passion to create a product tailored to your special requirements.

ARIAS also stocks piston kits of popular combinations on the shelf, ready for immediate delivery. If your combo cannot be found in our stocking piston listings, contact us about customs. We won’t try to sell you a kit that is "close enough". Instead, we’ll extract critical information about your power plant and deliver a functional set of pistons to suit your needs.

ARIAS PISTONS has manufactured custom pistons since its beginnings. After-market pistons, for most American-made vehicles, are manufactured in a regular basis per customer’s specifications. Bore, compression height, wrist pin diameter, ring configuration, and application are only a few of the custom features on the parts we manufacture.

Constant changes in technology allow us to improve the quality and the design of our parts. Change is inevitable and at ARIAS PISTONS we embrace it. Have you tried ARIAS lately?

The Sport Compact market has increased over the last few years and ARIAS PISTONS has been able to stay ahead of the competition in design and innovation. We at ARIAS, work closely with engine builders and racers using their feedback to improve the parts we manufacture.

If you are restoring a 1915 Stutz or a 1911 Locomobile and cannot find pistons… call ARIAS PISTONS, we can help. ARIAS manufactures pistons for many classic and exotic vehicles. Our flexibility to manufacture pistons with different bore sizes and long compression heights makes ARIAS PISTONS the perfect choice to fulfill all your piston needs.

Our engineering department can copy just about any piston crown configuration and help you increase or reduce your compression ratio. We also will help you to find rings, wrist pins, and retaining clips to complete your piston assembly. If your collection is incomplete for lack of pistons… ARIAS is the right choice to fulfill your custom piston needs. Big Bore pistons have been a part of our production for many years.

With forging blanks able to fit bore sizes up to 5.800” (147mm); ARIAS PISTONS will make pistons that other manufacturers cannot duplicate. When you are in the oversized piston business ARIAS will come thru for you. We manufacture experimental airplane, diesel (for tractor pullers) and restoration pistons, all in big bore, big wrist.

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