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Minimum Ring End Gaps And Clearance

Ring Application Minimum End Gap Per Inch Of Bore
Premium Top Rings Blown Fuel, Alky, Gas 0.008
Injected Fuel 0.007
Blown Fuel, Alky, Gas 0.0075
Blown Gas, Street 0.0065
Nitrous Less 250hp 0.0065
Heavy Nitrous 250hp+ 0.0075
Na Alky, Gas 0.0055
N.a Gas, Street 0.005
Cast Iron Second Rings Blown Fuel, Alky, Gas 0.006
Na Alky, Fuel 0.005
Na Gas 0.004
Third Groove Oil Control Rings Upper And Lower Rails .015"  min.

Recommended Piston Clearances

Minimum Piston To Valve Normally Aspirated Int. 090"   Exh. .110"
Blown Int. .125"  Exh. .175"
Minimum Piston To Head Steel Rods .040"-.050"
Aluminum Rods .055"-.060"
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