22942-00 TWIN CAM 103", 3.875" BORE, 9.6:1 with SE Head

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1999-UP                 103 CI
Stock bore:3.875                                                                                                       Ring Grooves: 1.5 - 1.5 - 3.0
Bore Stroke   Comp Height Dome CC Compression Ratio Gram Wt. Part Number


Ring Set

Twin Cam High Compression                                                                           .927 pin, round wire lox included
To be used with Twin Cam Performance heads. Sold in pairs, kit includes rings, pins and pin clips.  CAN BE USED WITH DIFFERENT HEADS, STROKER APPLICATIONS.
3.875 4.375   1.082 -2.5   9.6   353 HD942-00 HD431-00


May take two weeks to ship if out of stock.