3332420XRC Acura K24A 2.4L DOHC w/K20 VTEC Head 88.00mm, 14.5:1-COATED!!! Max. Compression!!!

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Acura K24A 2.4L DOHC w/K20 VTEC Head    
Stock Bore: 3.425, 87mm   Stroke: 3.898   Rod: 5.984   Head cc: 50.5   Gasket: .028   Deck: .002
Bore Comp. Dome Compression Ratio Gram Part Required
in/mm Height CC w/ Stock Head  Wt. Number Ring Set
Dome top                                        All motor/Nitrous
3.4645 / 88.00 1.180 11.40 14.50 308 3332420XRC 1012283464

Piston kits include:                                                                                  ***May take a week when out of stock!!!

Extreme duty, light-weight pins

premium ring set

Lateral Gas Ports on top groove

Crown and Skirt coatings!